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Soap Dots-Fruity Collection

Soap Dots-Fruity Collection

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Experience a whole new level  of convenience and cleanliness with our innovative Soap Dots. These single-use soaps, shaped like tiny dots, are formulated with high-quality oils and butters to provide a gentle, non-drying cleansing experience. Perfect for on-the-go situations, simply crush one Soap Dot in your hands, add a bit of water, and lather up for fresh, clean hands wherever you are. Ideal for times when soap dispensers are empty or for outdoor activities like fishing or camping, our Soap Dots are packaged in a small, portable container, making them easy to carry with you wherever you go. Enjoy the convenience and cleanliness of our Soap Dots, your go-to solution for clean hands anytime, anywhere.

2oz tin.

Care Instructions

After use, allow to dry and place in a slotted soap tray. Keep out of standing water.

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